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BI 180 Panel Discussion: Long-term Memory Encoding and Connectome Decoding

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Welcome to another special panel discussion episode.

I was recently invited to moderate at discussion amongst 6 people at the annual Aspirational Neuroscience meetup. Aspirational Neuroscience is a nonprofit community run by Kenneth Hayworth. Ken has been on the podcast before on episode 103. Ken helps me introduce the meetup and panel discussion for a few minutes. The goal in general was to discuss how current and developing neuroscience technologies might be used to decode a nontrivial memory from a static connectome – what the obstacles are, how to surmount those obstacles, and so on.

There isn’t video of the event, just audio, and because we were all sharing microphones and they were being passed around, you’ll hear some microphone type noise along the way – but I did my best to optimize the audio quality, and it turned out mostly quite listenable I believe.

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Ken Hayworth
14:09 – Panel Discussion