Brain Inspired
Brain Inspired
BI NMA 02: Dynamical Systems Panel


This is the second in a series of panel discussions in collaboration with Neuromatch Academy, the online computational neuroscience summer school. In this episode, the panelists discuss their experiences with linear systems, real neurons, and dynamic networks.

Other panels:

  • First panel, about model fitting, GLMs/machine learning, dimensionality reduction, and deep learning.
  • Third panel, about stochastic processes, including Bayes, decision-making, optimal control, reinforcement learning, and causality.
  • Fourth panel, about basics in deep learning, including Linear deep learning, Pytorch, multi-layer-perceptrons, optimization, & regularization.
  • Fifth panel, about “doing more with fewer parameters: Convnets, RNNs, attention & transformers, generative models (VAEs & GANs).
  • Sixth panel, about advanced topics in deep learning: unsupervised & self-supervised learning, reinforcement learning, continual learning/causality.