Brain Inspired
BI 087 Dileep George: Cloning for Cognitive Maps

When a waiter hands me the bill, how do I know whether to pay it myself or let my date pay? On this episode, I get a progress update from Dileep on his company, Vicarious, since Dileep’s last episode. We also talk broadly about his experience running Vicarious to develop AGI and robotics. Then we turn to his latest brain-inspired AI efforts using cloned structured probabilistic graph models to develop an account of how the hippocampus makes a model of the world and represents our cognitive maps in different contexts, so we can simulate possible outcomes to choose how to act.

Special guest questions from Brad Love (episode 70: How We Learn Concepts) .

Time stamps:

0:00 – Intro
3:00 – Skip Intro
4:00 – Previous Dileep episode
10:22 – Is brain-inspired AI over-hyped?
14:38 – Compteition in robotics field
15:53 – Vicarious robotics
22:12 – Choosing what product to make
28:13 – Running a startup
30:52 – Old brain vs. new brain
37:53 – Learning cognitive maps as structured graphs
41:59 – Graphical models
47:10 – Cloning and merging, hippocampus
53:36 – Brad Love Question 1
1:00:39 – Brad Love Question 2
1:02:41 – Task examples
1:11:56 – What does hippocampus do?
1:14:14 – Intro to thalamic cortical microcircuit
1:15:21 – What AI folks think of brains
1:16:57 – Which levels inform which levels
1:20:02 – Advice for an AI startup