Brain Inspired
Brain Inspired
BI 083 Jane Wang: Evolving Altruism in AI

Jane and I discuss the relationship between AI and neuroscience (cognitive science, etc), from her perspective at Deepmind after a career researching natural intelligence. We also talk about her meta-reinforcement learning work that connects deep reinforcement learning with known brain circuitry and processes, and finally we talk about her recent work using evolutionary strategies to develop altruism and cooperation among the agents in a multi-agent reinforcement learning environment.



0:00 – Intro
3:36 – Skip Intro
4:45 – Transition to Deepmind
19:56 – Changing perspectives on neuroscience
24:49 – Is neuroscience useful for AI?
33:11 – Is deep learning hitting a wall?
35:57 – Meta-reinforcement learning
52:00 – Altruism in multi-agent RL