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Open Questions in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience

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What's missing in current AI that we need to overcome to build machines that act and think in ways we know brains can.


Challenges and opportunities to explain how our brains produce our behaviors and minds- our intelligence.


Examples of how the emerging field of Neuro-AI is advancing neuroscience and AI to help explain our intelligence.

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Meet Your Host

Paul Middlebrooks is a cognitive computational neuroscientist and the founder and host of the Brain-Inspired podcast.

Paul conducted neuroscience research for over 10 years, obtaining a PhD and working 6 years as a postdoctoral researcher studying the neural basis of decision-making and metacognition. After leaving his academic position he created the Brain-Inspired podcast to learn how recent progress in artificial intelligence, together with modern research in neuroscience, can help us understand how our brains give rise to our rich mental experiences and intelligent behaviors.

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